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Northern Community Gardens is a project to establish community gardens across the northern suburbs of Wellington. The first garden has been established in the Jay Street Reserve, Paparangi, as of December 2011. The vision for the gardens is to establish places for the community to celebrate diversity and connect with food, how to grow it and how to prepare it. These will be places for environmental education and workshops on gardening and sustainability topics. Permaculture ethics of care for the Earth, care for the people and fair share will be observed and partnerships/relationships with community groups will be formed and developed.

The Jay Street garden site is shared with the Paparangi Nursery. The nursery  established to provide a sustainable source of local native plants for planting by volunteer groups in north Wellington, and to educate local people in the propagation of native plants and the role of plants and planting in improving our social and natural environments.

Jay Street Reserve:


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